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How To Master Push Ups?

“How To Master Push Ups?” Bench pressing isn’t the only way for you to build a massive chest. Pushups are a fun, demanding upper body exercise that anyone can benefit from. They can be useful in any weight training program especially if you’re looking to add explosive strength or endurance to your routine.

How To Master Push Ups?

Many people think the pushup is pretty much the same exercise as the bench press (except upside down).
However unlike the bench press where you’re lying flat on the bench, in the pushup position you have to stabilize your whole body during the negative and positive portion of the lift.

The outcome of this is you get a lot of bonus work for the whole body, especially the abdominals. During the pushup you utilize many muscle groups such as the shoulders, triceps, back and pecs.

There are many different variations of the pushup. If you can’t currently do very many “proper” pushups you can try them with your knees on the floor. Once you can do about 20 reps of those without stopping you can move onto normal push-ups. You can also try elevating your feet on a chair or other object; this is much harder than a normal pushup and will really hit the core of your body.

How To Master Push Ups
How To Master Push Ups

To get better at pushups I recommend a pretty simple routine. Basically in order to get better at them you have to do lots and lots of pushups and you can even consider mastering resisted pushups with the resistance band to make it more challenging. For a demonstration of a resisted pushup watch this video.

I would start by doing 5-6 sets every other day keeping the reps the same for every set making sure not to go to failure. Every week try adding 2-3 more reps to each set, which will gradually increase your number.
I also recommend trying to do as many pushups as you possibly can in a 1-minute period once a week, this will allow you to benchmark your progress. When you’re really comfortable you can try different variations and rep schemes.

In my opinion bodyweight exercises are awesome for building muscle and strength and regularly do dips, push-ups and pull-ups, which I add to most workouts.

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