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Weight Gain for Men!

Wanting to gain weight and some serious lean muscle mass? Here are some useful tips on how to gain weight quickly for men who are “too skinny” and are struggling to put on extra pounds. As always, there are many people that put on weight very easily and naturally, and desire to get rid of it. On the other side of the scale, skinny guys can find it extremely challenging to gain weight in order to enhance their physical appearance.

Weight Gain for Men!

It is always good to understand the basics behind natural and healthy weight gain. This is how a person can discover more on how to gain weight in a healthy and quick way. Before tackling this issue, let’s look at the reasons why thin and scrawny guys fail to gain weight successfully. Poor diet, poor motivation and no proper workout routine are some of the primary reasons for thin people not being able to gain weight quickly.

Some men are quick to blame “poor genetics” for their lack of progress, when in reality they just aren’t trying hard enough to gain weight. Gaining weight is in a lot of ways tougher then losing weight so you want to make sure you tick all the correct boxes.

Below are some of the easy-to-follow tips on how to gain weight quickly for men:

Weight Gain for Men
Weight Gain for Men

Eat Big – A person should make it a habit to eat more than their daily caloric and energy needs. A person should also find out what their BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is. The BMR is a measurement that calculates how many calories get burned daily, and should be used to calculate calorie maintanence requirements for weight gain purposes. You should also begin planning a weight gain diet plan to increase weekly consumption by 3,500 calories in order to achieve weight gain of one to two pounds within a week. The plan should be to consume lots of protein based foods like chicken, fish and beef regularly. Milk is also one of the best sources of protein. A person should balance his meals with a consumption of nuts and vegetables.

Weight Gain Foods – One of the keys to successfully gaining weight is to consume the right types of weight gaining foods. Eating food like chips, fast food and junk food will make a person gain weight fast but its an unhealthy way to pack on pounds and a person can expect to gain mostly fat instead of bulking up if he or she eats this type of food on a regular basis. Don’t get me wrong, there is no problem with having cheat meals to reward the efforts you are making in the gym and the discipline you have to your weight gain diet, but a diet which consists of healthy nutritious foods should form the foundation of your diet.

Lift Big – A person following a weight gain program for men needs to turn the extra calories being consumed on a weight gain diet so that he doesn’t end up being overweight. A person should engage in a progressive weight training program at least three times every week, with the aim of increasing the weight every few weeks to stimulate growth.

But what exactly does a sample men’s workout program look like?

Luckily for you, the No-Nonsense Muscle Building workout program, designed by Vince Del Monte, tells you exactly what it takes to pack on quality muscle for skinny guys and how he achieved his incredible fitness model physique. Vince aka “Skinny Vinny” is the author of the No 1 selling muscle building program on the web and is a regular contributor to Men’s Fitness Magazine.

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