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Weight Gain Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude

Success though a positive mental attitude is paramount for those who are trying to gain weight and muscle. Granted, we can offer specific techniques but it is you who is in the “drivers seat”, who ultimately determines your destiny.

Weight Gain Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude

Over the years research has concluded that athletes facing grimacing odds of overcoming severe injuries followed 6 mental patterns that characterize a positive mental attitude. You too can follow those same principles as you involve yourself in reaching your weight gain goals and living a healthy lifestyle.

In order for you to gain weight and pack on lean muscle mass, not only should you be training like an athlete, but also you are required to think like one. Utilize the following 6 principles to acquire weight gain success through a positive mental attitude, apply the principles together with a proven weight gain program and results are sure to come your way.

1. Successful athletes use both motivating directions. They move both towards goals and away from consequences. This way they are able to use their maximum amount of motivation. They know where they are going. For example, an injured high school swimmer wanted to overcome her injury but she also wanted to win a swimming college scholarship. She was motivated and directed. She was moving towards her goal.

You, wanting to eliminate weight gain can apply this principle too with a goal of eliminating weight gain and live a healthy lifestyle. You then can use both motivators, moving away from pain and moving towards a healthy lifestyle.

2. Athletes in rehab were dedicated in regaining full strength and health. Ones attitude was, anything less is unacceptable. Ultimately, success through a positive mental attitude is a key fundamental aspect to weight gain success and regain complete confidence in yourself.

3. Athletes approached rehab one-step at a time. It’s intimidating to think of accomplishing the entire rehab task all at one. If you take it in individual steps you’ll complete it. Each step becomes a new goal. While you’re going through the weight gain program, have that mental goal in front of you and take it one-step at a time.

4. How the athlete in rehab thinks about time. When concerning about daily goals, the successful athlete needs to be in the present. Think about the single activity right now and not get distracted or discouraged by thinking about the future. If you’re engaged in your first day of weight training, think about what you’re currently doing and how to life the weight with proper form.

If you project yourself doubtfully and ask, “Will I ever be the same?” or “Will I succeed?” If your thinking is like this, you may have problems. These types of questions can create a negative orientation. It’s better to ask, “What can I do now to reach my next milestone?”

It’s helpful to think ahead about what are the rewards and benefits of the struggles you are now going through. Success though a positive mental attitude is key.

5. Involvement is a fundamental element towards your success. The more the athlete helps him or herself, the better the recovery. Even if it’s as simple as placing ice on an injury. When you participate you influence what is going on. It makes you more determined and aggressive.

It’s been discovered amongst hospital patients, that the more they participate in their own recovery, the more likely they’ll recover. In terms of eliminating your weight gain, get thoroughly involved. Do all the necessary techniques.

6. How you judge your performance is critical to your overall outcome. This applies to all aspects of life. Far too often comparisons are made between ourselves and the actions of others. We tend to evaluate our progress by making comparisons to other people.

Weight Gain Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude
Weight Gain Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude

If you come out on top, you’ll feel good but if you come out at or near the bottom you’ll likely feel inadequate. Unfortunately, by the time we all move to adulthood, comparisons between others becomes a habit and is often done so unconsciously.

It’s very important for your successful weight gain progress that you do not fall into this mental trap of comparing. Successful weight gain is done by a self-to-self comparison. Ask yourself, “How far have I progressed since last week? The last month?”

We can all do this by measuring our own progress. That’s what is important, your own progress, therefore, you can look at others progress as inspiration, models of excellence or sources of information, not targets of envy! You can delight in the success of others and truly value your own success.

Summary… You are now an athlete as you face the dilemma of achieving weight gain success and regaining fitness and confidence. Many people have done it, you’re not alone. Success through a positive mental attitude by following the 6 fundamental steps will help you stay on track. Use a proven weight gain program in conjunction with these fundamental steps to accomplish your goal.

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