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If You Think You Got A Good Workout You May See Results!

Nowadays people are doing less and less exercise. With cars that take us to work, desk jobs, videos games and TV watching, its no surprise we are getting lazier.

If You Think You Got A Good Workout You May See Results

Almost all dietitians recommend at least 30 minutes of daily activities to maintain a healthy body. Whether you are actually doing this amount, if you think you’re doing enough to be healthy, you may get the same benefits.

Sounds strange? Well it is.

According to a February 2007 study conducted by Harvard Researchers on this effect using housekeepers proves that if you trick you mind on thinking you are doing exercise, when really you are not, it still may help you get the same benefits. Normally housekeepers are very active, they clean about 15 rooms a day, each taking them around 20 minutes to complete.

The study was done by telling one group of housekeepers that they were getting enough exercise to see benefits, while the other group was told nothing. At the end of four-week period, the group who thought they were getting benefits saw a lower in body fat percentage (average of 2 pounds) and reduced blood pressure by almost 10 percent, but the other group who was told nothing didn’t see no benefits whatsoever. These changes were quite drastic considering it was a period of only 4 weeks.

The weird part is that both groups had the same routine. So what was the difference? Well, the difference was that the group who got the benefits had there mind convinced that they were doing enough exercise to help them improve there health. Simple believing they were getting sufficient exercise from their regular work was enough to change their bodies and physical health, unreal!

If You Think You Got A Good Workout You May See Results
If You Think You Got A Good Workout You May See Results

What’s the take home message? Our thoughts can literally redefine our bodies, strength, and size. Although the Harvard research study was in relation to weight loss, there is nothing to suggest the mind doesn’t play a significant role in building muscle. The mind-body connection in adding new muscle mass is really not a breakthrough discovery. Legendary bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Zane both were able to achieve great results through the power of visualization.

Visualization in bodybuilding is having the ability to visualize your ideal physique. By doing this mental technique you can actually reprogram your subconscious mind by creating and reinforcing new thoughts, actions and bodily responses. By creating positive, vivid mental images of what you want to become in the quest to building a great physique, you will be able to turn what may seem like a pipe dream into a reality.

Now you know how powerful the human brain is. So next time you work out, tell yourself you are doing an excellent workout, and embrace the power of visualization!

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